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Hannibal S02E08 "Su-zakana" Review

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This show just keeps getting crazier and crazier by the episode but this one, this one takes the cake, pies and pretty much any other sugary treat available to take. In all my years of enjoying grizzly crime shows involving killers and such, never would I have cooked up a human being being sewn into a horse's stomach with a bird inside her chest (what is this? Serial killer inception ?). But that's the delightful image we were treated to in yesterday's installment of "Hannibal" and it was treated with all the weirdness it so richly deserves. What else were we treated to? Well, let's get to it.

I (think) am starting to see Will's game plan here in returning to therapy with Hannibal, (I think) the game plan was laid out in not so many words to Jack Crawford while they were trout fishing. I think Will's plan to make Hannibal act on his predatory instincts when he knows he shouldn't. Would that even work, considering Hannibal has proven himself to be at least 5 steps ahead of everyone? Well, we know it will considering how this season began, but the hows remain a mystery. That being said, the "friendship" and constant parlays between Will and Hannibal are rich with character development and subtle nuances, both characters are trying to obtain each other's motives and it's hard to figure out who's playing who.

Who is playing played is of course Dr. Bloom, still continuing her fling with Hannibal and that can't be the best chorus of action for her. Granted, I know Dr. Bloom doesn't believe Hannibal is a killer (and to be fair, she has no reason to think this) but getting involved with someone you work with who has been a murder suspect not once but twice isn't kosher, and yes, this includes Will Graham. Only time will tell when the narrative deems Dr. Bloom expendable and I think the punching of her clock will be the catalyst that sets Jack's sights on Hannibal.

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Can you imagine a Hannibal O-Face ? You're welcome.

This episode featured "L O S T" alumni Jeremy Davies playing a Will Graham analogue, a timid shadow of a man who has been manipulated by a serial killer (thus creating a juxtaposition between Will and Hannibal), however in Jeremy Davies' case, he did not kill his manipulator, only punished him in a fashion that would make him experience the pain he causes others. This is reflective of the struggle between Will & Hannibal, because Will has attempted to kill Hannibal, not once but twice, and maybe now Will is realizing (through Jeremy) that maybe he doesn't need to kill Hannibal, maybe he can just punish him. However, Will has awhile before he reaches that revelation as he was one good finger squeeze from killing Jeremy's manipulator. Why did Hannibal stop him? I think it's because Hannibal knows Will will be back in prison and he has expressed a strong desire to free him, but I think Hannibal knows Will would be formidable of he had a desire to kill and was willing to tackle Hannibal as prey. Best to keep Will bound by the rules then freed by lack of them.

Also kicking things off on the Mason Verger front is his pretty (and gay) sister Margot, who (surprise, surprise) has a desire to kill her brother. Hannibal, once again in not so many words, volunteered his expertise in killing Mason, hopefully this will lead to that awesome scene where he tears his face off and feeds it to his dogs upon Hannibal's request (why am I excited to see this again?). Whatever the case maybe, the writing staff is setting up a strong atmosphere of characters who are seeking to kill one another but not having the strength, know how, or the conditions to achieve it. At this point, Will KNOWS Hannibal is The Chesapeake Ripper and has told Hannibal he's well aware of who and what he is (dangerous move laying your cards on the table, Will) and Hannibal is aware that Will won't stop until he's brought to justice...but the cat and mouse game between them is just too much for Hannibal and his not being able to help himself is going to cost him.

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"I wish I knew how to quit you."

All in all, this was a great episode, very subtle, very theatrical and very ambitious is terms of it's narrative and it's set up of events to come. Still no word on whether or not Dr. Chilton is still alive (I'm voting for yes, since the bullets exited through his cheek, and even 50 got shot in the mouth and survived). Michael Pitt as Mason Verger coming soon, I CANNOT WAIT! Until then, see you next time.

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