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Hannibal S02E07 "Yakimono" Review

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SAY IT AIN'T SO! SAY IT AIN'T SO! After days and days of praise Raul Esparaza's Dr. Chilton he (strangely) ends up dead?! NO! SAY IT AIN'T SO! This is an AMAZING turn of events considering Dr. Chilton's death in the "Hannibal" Mythos is only hinted at in the end of "Hannibal" but never actually seen only. Bryan Fuller is REALLY making this series his own. While Dr. Chilton isn't a major player in the "Hannibal" mythos, he certainly is a frequent chess piece that pops up here and there. I was really beginning to enjoy Raul's Chilton, unlike Anthony Heald's Chilton who plays Dr. Chilton as a desperate man who, in his words are "fumbling with people's minds like a freshman tugging on a panty girdle". I hope Raul's Chilton isn't dead but if he is, DAMN! And with that being said (and I think I should've put spoiler tags on this lol) let's get to the meat!

 So last week, Jack Crawford's missing trainee Mariam Lass was found in a hole missing an arm. I, like many of us were curious about what Hannibal did to her that was cause him to allude capture, I doubt any of us came to this conclusion. To be honest, I thought he may have disabled her vocal chords or something (which would be stupid and I openly admit that) but I didn't suspect that Hannibal had played mind games with her. I'm assuming he drugged her (that's a given) but how is it that she thinks it was Dr. Chilton and not Hannibal? Is Hannibal THAT forward thinking that he'd set up Dr. Chilton EVEN BEFORE HE KNEW THEY'D FIND MARIAM? Apparently, he is.

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That's The "I'm So F*cked." Face.

One of the things I liked about this season is that when we revisited some of the scenes between Will and Hannibal and saw exactly HOW Hannibal managed to set Will up, it made everything much more sinister, but this...I don't know, I'd be curious to see how Hannibal pulled this one off. I must admit though, I am feeling a touch cheated with Mariam Lass not remembering ANYTHING involving Hannibal, I'd imagine it'd be difficult to forget a trauma like being captured and finding out someone is a serial killer...but what do I know? I'm just saying that it feels like a cop-out. But maybe Hannibal decided to play Mariam as his trump card. Last week on got on Hannibal for setting Will free, perhaps he traded Dr. Chilton for Will, obviously Hannibal couldn't foresee that Mariam would shoot Chilton, but he did foresee that Chilton would take the rap.

That being said, I liked seeing Chilton on the other side of the table facing off against Dr. Bloom. There's a cold reality in realizing that you're being set up that suddenly gives you clarity over everything and that's exactly what Dr. Chilton had before he was shot (and hopefully not killed). Either way, now that Jack has "caught" The Chesapeake Ripper, what will Hannibal do? It looks like he'll continue being Will's therapist...but why? Is Hannibal that short-sighted to think that Will is going to cease trying to catch him? Of course not! But thus far Hannibal hasn't admitted to Will anything about his crimes (he's too smart for that) but they both know he's a serial killer, so why the "friendship" between them? Or is it because they both have such an insanely profound understanding of each other that they just can't leave each other alone.

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"I wish I knew how to quit you."

I liked the foreshadowing here with Jack arriving to catch Chilton alone, this is of course foreshadowing the opening scene of this season when Jack faces off against Hannibal, ALONE! This time for The Fake Ripper, next time for the real one, and as we've seen Jack may not survive that fight. Jack has been shown being wrong more than once and it's gotta be frustrating when he finds out that Chilton was once again THE WRONG MAN and the real ripper has been Hannibal all along. And speaking of frustrating, am I the only one a little peeved as Dr. Bloom's self-righteous defense of Hannibal? Granted, I understand that Hannibal has been a mentor to her and she has no reason to suspect Hannibal, but as Dr. Chilton said, she won't even allow herself to see the possibility, and that's all I can say for Jack, who's still open to the idea but naturally skeptical.

Anyway, Will and Hannibal are resuming therapy (of course, Will won't give up catching Hannibal, and we know he does in the end) but what's Will's game this time? Still to come, Mason Verger played by Michael Pitt, I cannot WAIT until he shows up, that's gonna be A LOT OF FUN! Hopefully we'll be seeing Ms. Lounds again, after all she has a nice big ol' plate of crow just waiting for her now that Will is free. Anyways, those are my thoughts, until then, I'll see you guys later.

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