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Hannibal S02E06 "Futamono" Review

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And so things heat up for "Hannibal" as the hunt is on. Last week's episode had Will attempting to have Hannibal murdered by Matthew Brown (apparently his name is) and we had the return of Dr. Abel Gideon (played wonderfully by. Eddie Izzard). But beneath the move of chess pieces in the cat and mouse game between Will & Hannibal lies a much more sinister and psychological agenda of who can outsmart who, and at the moment Lecter is losing HARD AND FAST!

Dr. Gideon played a critical role in positioning Hannibal firmly as a suspect by explaining (in great detail) events of the last season which took place in Lecter's home and even described Lecter's home. Of course, Dr. Chilton (being the underhanded snake that he is) brought this to Jack's attention. I'm really enjoying the fact that Jack isn't a dismissive blowhard. I can actually see him struggling with the idea that Will may in fact be innocent but not wanting to believe it entirely. And while Will might (hopefully) be reprimanded for attempting to have Hannibal killed (justified or not) the fact remains that Will was the only one onto him and is Jack's best bet at catching him...

OR AT LEAST WAS until the shocker of the episode ended with Jack finding his long lost trainee Mariam Lass ALIVE (I guess, minus an arm) and unless she's revealed to be psychologically damaged beyond repair (which I'm assuming she will be considering Michael Pitt has yet to show up) she can EASILY finger Lecter as the Chesapeake Ripper. It'll be interesting to see what they're able to get from Mariam, if anything at all considering that we don't know much about what was done to her or how long she's been down there. I'm curious as to what type of mind game Lecter played with her and why he kept her alive for this long. Either way, the tables have indeed turned in this case.

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It puts the marinade on it's skin or else it gets the hose again!

Speaking of turned tables, Lecter has now coughed up evidence that proves Will Graham is completely innocent of the crimes he's accused of and Jack has come to conclusion that Will did last season, that The Chesapeake Ripper & The Copy-Cat are one in the same, which is ABSOLUTELY insanity because The Ripper lacks of motive for framing Will. This is VERY sloppy on Lecter's part and I have to wonder what his reasoning is behind that action. I was thinking that Lecter was going to free Dr. Gideon to give him another shot at Dr. Bloom, after all Lecter did vaguely threaten her and with a staged escape of Abel Gideon, fingers could hardly point in Lecter's direction. But I suppose Lecter is getting back at Will by achieving what Will could not (and by that I mean sealing the deal with Dr. Bloom). Which proves that no man is above banging another man's woman for revenge, but I would've thought Hannibal would be different, shame on you Dr. Lecter.

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Census Takers be like...

As for Abel Gideon, Will was right, Hannibal is not one to allow loose ends and while he offered Abel an interview with The Ripper, it was clear that he was not to leave that house alive. But why did Lecter breaking Abel out in the first place and HOW?! How on Earth did Lecter break into a secure mental hospital, murder and string up one of the guards and escape with an injured prisoner? Is Lecter borrowing from The Michael Scofield bag of tricks? Granted, this isn't a glaring issue, but it is an interesting question. Regardless, the scene in which Lecter is serving Gideon his own leg was a (all puns intended) delicious scene. I'm just sad to see Gideon go as much could've been done with his character, but this isn't the Abel Gideon story. With Will Graham now a free man and the noose getting tighter around Lecter, how soon will it be before Jack and Lecter are in that smackdown brawl that started off this season? How soon will it before Mason Verger shows up and Lecter gets him to peel his face off? And more importantly, how long before we see Freddie Lounds again? (Shut up, she's a cutie!). Great questions and I can't wait to sample more of this cuisine as the season continues! Until next time.

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