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The Following S03E01 "New Blood" Review

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I've said it since Season 1 finished and Season 2 concluded, I've done myself a massive injustice by not reviewing or sticking with the series in it's stop & go 2nd Season but this time I hope to remedy that by reviewing the 3rd Season. And while this season threatens to be Joe Carroll-less (and let's face it, he makes the series), it's still a show about serial killers and that keeps my attention. Thus far the previews looked promising and the panel at comic-con got me interested. So will this season prove to be better than the 1st and 2nd? Will this new chapter be more promising than the previous? Well let's find out as we welcome the "New Blood"!

Right off the bat, we've got some new faces, Sam Underwood is back as Mark Gray (the calmer half of the Mark/Luke twin duo). Zuleikha (and I am NEVER spelling that again) Robinson (whom we know as the Famous Exploding Illana) is Gwen, Ryan's new love interest, and speaking of love interests Gbenga Akinnagbe (another name I will not spell again, but damn this dude gets around) is appearing as Max's love interest. Max, of course is Ryan's niece who ended up hooking up with Mike at the end of the 2nd Season...unfortunately, they broke up. Speaking of Mike, Mike is back after hunting Mark throughout Europe with plans to kill him. Joe Carroll is in an undisclosed prison awaiting execution and here is where we begin.

I have to say this season starts off slow but I slowly got the idea that something MUCH bigger is coming down the line. For starters, I have to say Sam Underwood is a BEAST! After the death of Luke Gray, Mark (the b*tch of the duo) suffered such a MASSIVE fracture of the mind that he is now Luke & Mark combined and MAN OH, MAN is it awesome! You can clearly see which personality is at the fore front and he transitions well. Anyone else in a role in which they have to talk to themselves would probably ham it up but Sam Underwood's case, he's really playing it as straight as he can, which makes Mark that much more dangerous and unpredictable.

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As we turn our attention to unpredictable, let's go to Mark's M.O. and his team. So in a series standard Flashback, we've established that Team Hardy lied in front of Congress about the apprehension of Joe Carroll & Lily Gray or more specifically Mike killing Lily Gray in cold blood as revenge for killing his father. Congress found that there were no criminal misgivings in the trial and let the 3 of them go. Now it's all coming back to bite them in the ass, specifically Mike who's primarily responsible for the death of Lily Gray and the lie that caused the new killing spree to begin with. I'd like to reflect to Season 1 when Ryan shot the guy who buried Parker alive, that only came back in a blurb of Mike telling Ryan that they uncuffed him before they shot and urging an intoxicated Ryan to go along with the story, Anyways, good on the writers for making a character death relevant even after the fact.

Mark's team, I like VERY much, specifically (and I'm using that word a lot) the Mickey & Mallory-ish team of Daisy & Kyle. While it's clear that they're working for Mark, something else is going on and they keep alluding to "him" saying things like "he'll kill us all" and "he'll make sure of it." that and they've clearly stated that Mark has no idea what's really going on. The plot thickens, and I have to admit I'm on the inside track as I've watched the panel at comic-con and one of the questions brought up Joe's mentor Dr. Arthur Strauss, the man who taught him how to be a killer. Dr. Strauss mentioned that Joe wasn't even his best student and it looks like this maybe the fruition of that statement.

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They're probably going to be my new favorite villains this season, hope they stick around.

Whoever this guy is, he has to be BAD NEWS if other serial killers are working for him and are afraid of him. It couldn't be Dr. Strauss himself, he's in lock up and it couldn't be Joe Carroll. Whatever is going on, this guy has a plan and has used Mark to execute it. Anyways now moving on to new characters, Gwen hasn't done much but she's proving to be a different love interest for Ryan as she's calling him on his B.S.. While I like that, I hope she gets the message that her life is very much in danger now that there's a group out targeting Ryan and she doesn't use it as a "You're pushing me away, Ryan!" moment. It was acceptable here because they haven't invaded his property (yet) but after that, she needs to get with the program.

Do I think she's a plant? No, after all Season 2 did that and NO ONE bought it for a second. However, Tom, Max's boyfriend, I've got my eye on him, hostage negotiator, I'm sure...who knows, maybe I'm being paranoid, but it'd behoove whoever's really pulling the strings to make sure certain things are kept in line. But that's assuming way too much this early in the game. For starters who's ever doing whatever is aware of Mark, is aware of Mark's vengeance and has put people in place to aide Mark in achieving his vengeance (sort of). Obviously this person has tons of money, massive connections and is probably Satan himself if he has serial killers concerned. I'm not sure who to trust or what's gonna happen and that's awesome. We're dealing with a whole lot of new faces and new personalities and thankfully, No Lily Gray!

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Tell'em I shot that bitch, Ryan. They'll thank me.

I'm excited to see who the big bad guy is this season as Mark is simply small potatoes but a good potato that needs to be addressed but this new guy and his new team, including Andrew (not sure if he's apart of it or not) are so far working out nicely for me. It'll be interesting to see if Joe Carroll makes an appearance at all this Season, he was mentioned several times and his execution was announced at the end of the month. Who knows how long that'll be in episode time, but Mark gave us a promise that tomorrow, one of them dies (we know this ain't the case), but so I'm imagining part of this series will move in real time.

Anyways, it's good to have this series back with new killers, fresh faces and some killer concepts. I'm eager to see Dr. Strauss's best student and if Joe Carroll manages to pop up, if not for one last "GOTCHA, RYAN!" moment! We'll see, until then, take it easy guys!

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