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The Following S03E06 "Reunion" Review

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WOW! Wow what an episode! Some stuff I saw coming, some stuff I didn't see coming and of course our man, Joe Carroll is back to his old tricks. I have to say with what happen during Season 2, it's good to finally see this season go in a MUCH better direction. I was curious how they were going to follow up after Joe Carroll's Blood Cult, but this is looking very Dexter Season 4-ish. But we'll get to all that and more! Let's dive in.

For starters can I just say that I think previews kind of ruin somethings (I say that while I look for a preview for next episode) the reason I say that is because I wish the Uncle twist would have been much more of a reveal, but with that being said, can I pause and talk about what a MAJOR cutie Allison Mack still is? Granted, I think she's HORRIBLY wasted here as just a background character, I'd have prefered to be some cute serial killer working as her Uncle's accomplice but I guess I can't have everything. Considering Daisy is still alive, the role of cute serial killer girl has already been filled but still, coming off the heels of "Smallville" (not to mention she was almost married to Aaron Ashmore, Shawn's twin brother's character Jimmy Olsen on the show) and being a major player in that series, it's such a shame to see her only around for 1 episode.

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Staying on the topic of significant others, I've said it once and I'll say it again, Max & Tom have NO chemistry, NO chemistry AT ALL! And that sucks because we're supposed to see Tom as this good guy who doesn't deserve to be cheated on and instead he comes off as this guy creeping into his girlfriend's business. Yes, I understand he caught Max in a lie but he's an FBI agent and he's withholding evidence. I understand he's supposed to be there to provide a bit of business for Max to do, but for starters they need to have some better chemistry and secondly, I wish he would have had more time to build as a character. We never got to see Tom DO anything really. He needs to come off as a good guy before he started his voyeurism shitck. It doesn't seem like he and Max have much of a relationship anyway. If they'd have waited to do the whole Max/Mike thing and had Tom find the laptop later in the season it'd have been much better. Either way, now Tom knows that Mike killed Lily Gray in cold blood (like I give a crap). This new information is bound to cause Tom to question his "girlfriend" from here on out. *sigh* I get what they wanna do here but they need either better actors or better character building because these two SUCK as a couple.

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This bitch be lyin'...

That being said, let's talk about the elephant in the room, Joe Carroll! I have to say, it's GREAT seeing him again and I know it more than likely won't be for long but while we have him, let's enjoy him. It's nice to see that while in prison he hasn't missed a beat and he and Ryan are able to pick up where they left off. However, something is sticking in my craw and that kids and kittens is what he keeps saying "When I die, you die?". He's said that more than once, but I'm starting to think it's not so much of a Ryan will be lost without him sort of thing and a I have a covert agent somewhere waiting to kill you sorta thing, possibly Gwen (who I'm seriously starting not to trust)? I know it seems completely far fetched to think that considering we know exactly how Ryan & Gwen met...but with this show you never can be too sure. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of role Joe will play in this season.

Now let's talk about the meat of the episode which featured Michael Ealy (coming off the heels of the obviously destined for failure "Almost Human", also on FOX) as Dr. Arthur Strauss' star pupil Theo. I have to say, I wasn't entirely sure how this character was going to be, was he going to play him as a lunatic or a cold and calculated murderer, fortunately enough, he didn't do either of those. He played Theo with wide-eyed enthusiasm and boyish glee that immediately made his character likable and interesting. Also what made a return for his segment is the flashbacks, however, I really didn't like his introduction to Dr. Strauss very much...it all seemed too happenstance. That being said there were 2 things I wasn't prepared for, his killing of Strauss, I did NOT see that coming and when you unravel it, it doesn't make much sense (if a shark is supposed to stay under the water, wouldn't the biggest act of jumping out of the water be killing another shark?) the logic really doesn't work as he's now called attention to himself. If he's some hacker genius, he could've easily pawned off the e-mails on some other anti-government patsy (not like there's a shortage of those online) but whatever.

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That smile will haunt your dreams forever!

Also Theo has a family, not really a twist considering Joe had a wife and son before Ryan captured him, but this does set up some interesting dynamics. The thing is with Theo is that he has no personal connection to Ryan. Joe Carroll and Ryan were friends before he was captured, Ryan slept with Joe's wife, Theo has no real interest in Ryan Hardy as he was the one who killed Dr. Strauss, he could have easily pawned off the e-mails on someone else, and Duncan doesn't even know his name and can't identify him he could have just walked away. So what brings him into the fray will have to be something huge considering he's been a ghost for 13 years at least. Killing Dr. Strauss wasn't a smart move for someone he claimed to be his star pupil, even I know if you can't find a body then they've got nothing on you and leaving Strauss' body was amateur hour.

So does Joe know about Theo? I'm hoping this season will evolve into a rivalry over the position of star pupil, Joe Carroll being Strauss' most famous vs. Strauss' star pupil, that'd be pretty awesome, because Joe's vanity wouldn't allow him to be swept by the wayside. So Joe has a personal stake in this (maybe). The thing about "The Following" is the focus on serial killers, Seasons 1 & 2 were very personal seasons with a literal MASSIVE following of serial killers, Season 3 doesn't seem to do much with that concept as the focus is on Theo as Dr. Strauss is out of play. I gotta hand it to them for introducing the character of Dr. Strauss as it managed to stretch the premise of "The Following" past being a single season mini-series. But now that Strauss is gone and we're focusing more and more on single threats what will "The Following" be after this season? I don't see Theo lasting very long considering he has a family. I guess we'll see. Sadly, Mark Gray is still out there somewhere and probably looking for Daisy, I hope his story concludes with Mike blowing his crazy brains out...but I can only hope. If he lives to see the end of this season I'll be incredibly upset.

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This is the last thing Mark should see.

In conclusion, Joe is back, Mark is alive, and Michael Ealy is so far kicking ass as Theo. This season is looking to be much better than Season Three and much more deceptive. I'm hoping some things pan out but we'll see how that goes. In the meantime I'll catch you guys later.

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