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The Following S03E02 "Boxed In" Review

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Good news & bad news, Bad news is "Gotham" won't be returning until April. 19th. The good news is "Gotham" won't be returning until April 19th, so that means I won't have to double up on reviews for awhile. Also some more good news, Jada Pinkett Smith isn't returning as Fish Mooney, HURRAH! Anyways, with that outta the way, let's get to "The Following". Man oh man the stakes are getting higher and higher and the psychos, crazier and crazier. Next to Hannibal Lecter, I'll say this Neil guy takes the cake, but I'll get to all that and more after the break.

This episode sees Mark setting up his master play, entrusting a guy named "Spider" to supply him with an electric chair to fry them up some FBI agents, the agent in question was Felix Solis' character Agent Clarke...who probably got one of the WORST death in the history of deaths, more on that later. For now, we're focusing on Mark's crusade to get Ryan & Company to confess to the execution of Lily Gray. I've said all that I wanted to say about Lily, she was a horrible character who really wasn't going anywhere, but damn if her death didn't herald in a nice crop of plot threads. Granted, as we've established, Mark Gray (thankfully) isn't the big bad this season, just a guy who's getting the ball rolling. But this ball is rolling!

Sam Underwood continues to impress me with just how well he's playing Mark, unhinged mentally, he manages to meld the brother's personalities in so well that you can tell just who's talking and who's not and the director for this character couldn't be better. I wish this could've been done earlier, like if Mark & Luke were just a team by themselves who wanted to be Joe Carrol's new followers and suddenly Luke died and we could just pretend Lily Gray never happened, that'd be awesome. Either way I'm enjoying the awesome that is. I see Mark getting taken down somewhere in the 4th episode and Daisy & Kyle's real motives being revealed.

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Jacob & Emma 2.0

Speaking of Daisy & Kyle, this could've been Jacob & Emma! But I digress, I really like the Mickey/Mallory thing they got going on and their interplay between them. You can tell they've been doing this for awhile and they're clearly smart, how they got mixed up with Andrew & Mark is anyone's guess. Is there some kinda serial killer network? I mean Joe had Roderick doing his recruiting, but who's recruiting for this new mystery guy? Clearly, Dr. Strauss is at the center of this as he managed to pop up in this episode and as we all remember, he was the guy who taught how to carve eyes out of sockets perfectly. It looks Dr. Strauss taught Andrew Sharp a.k.a The Crying Man as I'm calling him, as well.

Who I'm guessing Dr. Strauss didn't teach is Neil, easily the creepiest bastard I've ever seen. Usually when a promotion has a tag line that says "What's in the box?" usually the answer is, someone's head, but not someone. Yeah, this Neil guy fashioned a box that wasn't exactly big, paralyzed Agent Clarke and then proceeded to separate his joints and fold them in on themselves, thus stuffing him in a box, ALIVE (granted, he's dead now, but still). We didn't see this unfold and we didn't see what happened when they opened the box, but the fact that it was explained in chilling detail what was going to happen is just horrifying.

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This guy put an entire human being...

The season is doing an excellent job of suggesting violence rather than showing it, not that I have a problem with people getting stabbed, shot or anything, it's just too much of it can REALLY lessen the effect of what's truly going on in scenes where we're supposed to fear for the character's lives and in that scene, HOLY CRAP was I like "HOLY CRAP!". These new crop of psychos are excellent, so whoever this big bad guy is, he has some HUGE shoes to fill in the scary department because Neil is a tough act to follow.

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...in this box.

So where do we go from here folks? Now that the cat is out of the bag in terms of Ryan & Company (mostly Mike) executing Lily Gray in cold blood, do they get pulled off the case? Arrested for perjury? Hung at high noon? What happens? The thing is now that that's out and out, there isn't a logical way Ryan & Company can get out of this without being punished somehow. At least Jack Bauer blocked the camera when he shot Nina Myers, the sad fact is Mike shouldn't have told Mark that he killed Lily, he should've just capped Mark right in the dome. But I digress. Something REALLY huge is gonna have to happen to get these 3 back on the job after the dust settles for what they did.

In conclusion, this was a solid episode, expanding on Daisy & Kyle and what exactly Mark wants as well as advancing the plot. If Season 2 had only moved this fast, I'd have stuck to reviewing it, but the 3rd time's a charm as they say. Will we be seeing our man Joe Carroll any time soon? I liked the fact that they teased him out there with Dr. Strauss. This is smart, the writers know we've missed Joe's smarmy British wit & dark humor and they're not gonna bring him back without good reason. Will the new bad guy have some kinda connection to Joe? Andrew Sharp did, we'll see. Until then...stay away from boxes. Yeesh!

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