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The Following S03E03 "Exposed" Review

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Things are getting more and more interesting this season as everything is in a slow boil right now. Neil "The Boxman" Perry goes down for the count and we get a brief look into Daisy & Kyle's motives. More after the break!

This episode opens with Ryan tormented about the events of last episode and incase you're just now catching up, let me spell it out for you, a guy named Neil Perry put Agent Clarke in a box...more specifically, he paralyzed him, dislocated his joints, folded them over each other and put him in a box...alive. Needless to say when Ryan found said box last episode, the image of seeing a good friend pretzled into a box is bound to be one not easily shaken.

This episode focused more on character development and I have to say this is almost feeling like a return to Season One (minus a few things here and there). What I mean is, this season is giving the killers some sort of quality about them that makes them terribly human. For example, Neil takes precious care of his dad and while it would've been beneficial for him to kill his dad or leave his dad at the house and let the police deal with him. Neil, in his panic took his dad with him and in his haste completely forgot about the GPS tracker. Such is the way when an extremely careful man get his world turned upside down.

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But more on character development, Mike is really stepping to the forefront. Now with Agent Clarke's death, Mike is realizing the ripple effect of his actions (justifiable in my opinion because the character SUCKED) in killing Lily Gray out of revenge. This is good because we really didn't get to see much of it from Ryan, but Mike is realizing that people are dying because of what he did, and if seeing a friend stuffed in a box doesn't make the clear to you, nothing else will. Still, Mike is on the darkside now and you can see he has a LOT of pent up rage inside of him. Maybe now might be the time to bring out those brothers he's previously mentioned in the 1st Season to help sort him out? Hopefully.

Daisy & Kyle also have a bit of business when they meet with someone named Julianna, who appears to have these two by the short and curlies and also mentioned a timetable. What exactly are they trying to achieve? Unfortunately, I've already been spoiled as to whom they are working for (although I hope such isn't the case because I don't want to be spoiled), but I still don't know what the end game is and how they all factor in. But whatever it is, it involves Ryan Hardy and his team and Mark (for better or for worse). This Julianna character seems to have some stroke as she's able to get information (possible mole in the FBI?) on Max Hardy. Luckily Daisy & Kyle weren't there to kill her, just install cameras. Why? Who knows?

It's good to see Ryan having a girlfriend, unlike his previous girlfriends, I actually trust her. I might end up looking foolish later, but whatever, I trust her, however, I don't think she's going to survive this season. She needs to because that'd make things a bit better for Ryan, we can't start each Season off with Ryan Hardy in a bad place. But if she survives, that means a character has to die and God help this show if it's Mike. I love Max, but I can live with her dying, after all most of Ryan's family is dead and it'd be a nice one/two punch to both Ryan & Mike. Which brings me to Max's "boyfriend", Tom. Don't trust him. I'm supposed to believe that while Daisy & Kyle were inside working over Max's apartment, Tom was just standing in the hallway waiting for her? Nope. Not buying it.

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Not buying this bro.

Maybe I'm paranoid but this is the kinda cloak and dagger "The Following" has used in the past, first Denise, then Lily Gray (which everyone saw coming) and now Tom...maybe I'm wrong but somehow, I doubt it. Keep up with doubt, Mark is slowly starting to get on my nerves. Yes, I love the way Sam Underwood is playing him (completely disjointed, pun intended) but at the same time, Mark's fly off the handle attitude makes him unpredictable, which makes me wonder how he factors into the bigger plans and if he's unwittingly going along with it. Why would they involve him? Clearly he has his own agenda and if him NOT killing Ryan Hardy is part of the plan then how are they going to insure he doesn't? Hence why I think Tom is a bad guy, he's a failsafe put into place incase Mark flies off the handle. Speaking of Tom, I'm seriously hoping they don't use the hug between Mike and Max to begin some sort of love triangle between the 3 of them. That's just tacky.

Overall, I like where this Season is going and with more and more of Kyle & Daisy's network coming into play, I'm going to be interested about what exactly they're up to. Is the end game to free Dr. Arthur Strauss? Is it to free Joe Carroll? Will we get to see Joe Carroll? Is Mark going to die? (Lord, I hope so!). Is Tom a mole? (Probably.). Anyways, next week is a double feature! I'll probably cover the episodes together in one review, but we'll see. Until next time!

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