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Pretty Little Liars S05E22 "To Plea Or Not To Plea" Review

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Hello Kids & Kittens, I'm back with yet another "Pretty Little Liars" review, didn't I say I'd be back to a regular schedule? Well, I delivered, didn't I? Anyways, we're now starting to get somewhere with this Season, with the police now building a case against Alison & her (supposed accomplice) Hanna "a.k.a Thuglife" Marrin. This episode was pretty good, but I'll explain all that and more after the break

So before I get to the real meat and potatoes of this episode, I'd like to ask a question. Does Melissa seem different to anyone but me? She seems nicer and well...relaxed. Maybe she was right about the fresh start away from the Rosewood drama, maybe that's what I need too.But I'm not exactly pleased with Melissa, despite her feeling sorry for burying Bethany Young alive (and that's rough as rough can get), she still hasn't expressed any sympathy for THROWING ARIA IN A BOX WITH A DEAD GUY AND DANGLING HER OUTSIDE OF A MOVING TRAIN! I'm sorry but I don't remember if that was ever explain or addressed. And I understand it was a Halloween episode and you have to discount about 40% of the stuff that happens in those but damnit, that happened!

But I digress. The problem with The Hastings is they're never honest with each other. If Melissa just told Spencer that Alison was offered a plea and would possibly name one of The Liars as he accomplice, Spencer would've at least understood why Melissa held her at bay instead of lying about it with a false interview. Can anyone do anything in this show without lying about it? Moving right along. Now that we're seeing Melissa, will she play a role in events to come? After all, she didn't come clean about Bethany Young's murder or Spencer's shovel rage (come to think of it, that'd be a very logical reason why Spencer would've been named as Alison's accomplice). It'll be interesting to see if that comes up. I doubt it, but we'll see.

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Getting to the topic of Varjak, why didn't Ezra bribe James Neilan, he has the money...just sayin'. But now that The Lawyer is apart of The Mona Conspiracy, it's no doubt that The Liars will exercise their unique abilities of jumping to conclusions and try to tie him to the horrible things that's been happening to them. To be honest, I'm not quite sure I follow the logic of the team, why did the assume (even if they were correct) that The Lawyer wasn't hired by Mona? I'm confused on that part. Are they right about him? I don't know and quite frankly, I don't see him panning out to be anything worth while, but that's just me.

Speaking of things not panning out, let's talk about Spencer & Colin. Obviously, this relationship isn't sustainable, after all he lives clear on the other side of the freakin' world (and I'm speaking as someone who's made a long distance relationship work). First Spencer hooks up with "Methlab" Johnny & now she's going Queensbury Rules with a Right English Gent, c'mon, can we stop with the relationships! I understand that now Toby's a Rosewood Police Officer his I.Q. is dropping at incredible speeds but that's no reason for he and Spencer to break up. And yes, I understand that Toby and Spencer had a falling out in regards to Caleb's knife being found at a scene, but it can easily be explained, after all Toby happens to run in the same circles as Mona & the others, so the chances that he let someone borrow his knife and there would be various fingerprints on it isn't a shocker. I just feel like the whole Spencer/Toby break up was forced and really unnecessary. Call me a softy but I'm hoping they get back together, they've been through too much to just break up over dumb stuff.

Speaking of dumb stuff, just when I was about to give Aria credit for actually having something in between her ears besides air, she goes and says something stupid. No Aria, no you didn't miss out on High school because of your relationship with Ezra, you missed out on high school because you skip almost every freakin' class, you only show up at special events like dances and things of the sort, you spend 90% of your time at the Brew and in case you didn't notice YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN THREATENED BY AN INSANELY PERSISTENT AND SEEMINGLY OMNISCIENT STALKER! The forced break ups this show is shoving on us is just lame. I have no problem with the girls being single or attached but for the love of crap, let it be for a legit their boyfriends recognize hanging around them is extremely bad for their health! Just saying. But instead of having a logical reason to break up with Ezra, Aria says she should start college question: Why?

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Aria's future...I'll I won't.

Now let's address the meat & potatoes of this episode which is Hanna a.k.a "Thug life" Marrin. Now with the threat of a murder rap looming over her head Hanna has to spill the beans about "A" and my question is why wasn't this done sooner? The Liars could've easily gone to the police (oh wait, I just figured out why they didn't do that, The Rosewood PD is full of incompetent morons who couldn't find their asses in the bathroom). All kidding aside, if they did just go to the police from day 1 and say "Yo, someone's sending us threatening texts." The secrets weren't that bad in the first season. So what we discovered Aria's dad cheated, so what if Spencer & Jason are brothers, and so what about The Jenna Thing, at that point in time the most they'd have gotten is juvie and seeing as how they're girls, it'd have gotten busted down to a misdemeanor and arson at worst. They wouldn't have seen any serious time from that, yes Jenna got blinded, but she's not dead. They'd be paying her medical bills until they were blue in the wallet but that'd have been it.

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Hi, my name's Hanna Marin and I'd like to report some gangsta sh*t.

But now that they've lied and lied and lied...and lied, sh*t got way more serious than it should have and now Aria killed Shana, Hanna's facing jail time, Spencer was facing jail time, Hanna's mom was facing jail time, Emily HAD A CAR DRIVEN THROUGH HER HOME! Toby house was BLOWN UP! And Ezra was shot! How'd we get here? Honestly, how did things get so outta hand that now The Liars are getting framed and facing serious jail time for murder?! Insane. Anyways, "A" promised that The Liars would be joining Alison behind bars and Hanna is the first down (at least Alison will have a buddy who actually knows how to fashion a shivv, just sayin'). This "A" is going above and beyond Mona, and the magic phone wipe proves it. The fact of the matter is, The Liars are way out of their league, they have no chance at beating "A" and they should just concede and ask "A" what they want. Granted, "A" wants them behind bars but not without a reason.

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I gotta admit, she takes a pretty hot mugshot.
Side Note: I just realized I've been spelling her last name with an extra "R", that ends now.

Whatever that reason is, I doubt it'll be a satisfactory one, nothing short of The Liars combined being The Anti-Christ will suffice for a valid reason for the hell "A" put them through. But I'm holding out hope that once everything is laid down, it'll make sense (who am I kidding, no I'm not). Season 7 is heralded as the final season and Season 6 is already shaping up to be interesting. If Hanna doesn't get out of jail this Season, next Season will more than likely be about The Liars attempting to get Hanna off...gimmie a second to get my mind out of gutter...okay, I'm done. The thing is, The Liars only have Varjak to go on and Emily's stupid self decided to call Varjak with HER OWN PHONE! If Varjak IS working for "A", chances are he knows their numbers. You ALWAYS call numbers from a burner! Spying 101, ladies, geez!

In conclusion, some very solid groundwork has been laid for the future of "Pretty Little Liars" and the stakes are pretty high. This ain't the first time the girls have faced down a murder rap, but it's the first time one of them have seen an orange jumpsuit for it. It's still not too late for them to come clean about some of the stuff, after all, all the "A" stuff is on public record and Mona has openly admitted to being "A" and issued a public apology to them. Also several others can vouch for The Liars (barring "A" doesn't blackmail them too). I'm still waiting to see what Sydney's role in everything is, if anything at all and I'm still wondering why "A" buried Alison's mom alive. I doubt that'll ever be addressed again. Anyways, until then, I'll catch you guys later.

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