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Pretty Little Liars S05E24 "I'm A Good Girl, I Am" Review

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Holy crap was this a good episode with an excellent ending! My goodness, where Seasons 6 and 7 are going is anyone's guess, but one thing remains certain, "A" is a BEAST! So much to get too and so little time to discuss it, but we're gonna try to discuss everything we possibly can. Let's dive into "I'm A Good Girl";

I gotta say, when this season started, I was none too keen on where it was going, I mean Allison's mom being buried alive, Melissa burying someone alive, Toby slowly losing brain cells by joining The Rosewood PD, Mona being dead (sorta), I have to say this season has managed to turn it's self around in a way I was not expecting. For 4 whole seasons we've sat through tease after tease of what "A" was after and this episode finally brought it all to a head. The Liars are now headed off to jail after "A's" spectacular frame job! Blood samples, Dumb as four rocks Police Detectives and a coven of operatives on call 24/7, "A" has officially won.

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Oh, HI, SARA!!

I have to somewhat commend The Liars for their efforts, especially Mike and Caleb who decided to take a stand against "A"...too late, but still. The thing I keep coming back to is when Aria said "Just because A says it doesn't make it so.". Here's the thing, how did "A" know what Mike knew about Mona? I'm guessing "A" has The Liars' homes bugged some way. Still, I don't think "A" would have known anything if Mike hadn't opened his mouth, but because he did, "A" now knows what Mike knows and was able to neutralize him easily...of course Det. Stupid made things that much easier. The Rosewood P.D. does a wonderful job of ignoring previously established events. For starters Mona openly admitted to doing things to harm The Liars. Mona has spent time in an institution, so the idea that The Liars are being set up isn't entirely as far fetched as Det. Stupid would like to think it is.

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That Face You Make When You Realize You're Talking To A Complete Moron But You Can't Make Your Words Any Smaller Than You Already Have.

But The Liars are gonna have a hard time proving it now that all their phone message have been deleted...but "A" did send Mike and Aria (what I assume to be a cow's) tongue...the message being "Watch your tongue" maybe? *shrugs*. Also Caleb's meltdown at Det. Dumb As Four Rocks was AMAZING! I've been wanting to say that for awhile and he finally did, and it was the best character to do that! Bravo writers, bravo! That being said, it's good that Spencer & Toby are back together, short lived as it maybe, what with all The Liars now sporting orange jumpsuits.

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This episode danced around a few things, Aria's mom showed up (randomly) and some new girl named Kendra showed up, of course only as a plot device, will we be seeing more of her, doubt it. But who I'm sure we'll be seeing more of is Mona's red-headed little friend Leslie. She was a new character so obviously she was someone I wasn't going to trust anyway. But is she really the end all be all? She's obviously not "A", and what's up with Andrew? Pathfinder? Is he shady? Probably, probably not, ya never know with this show. But what I can tell you is that "A" is probably a male (given the tuxedo at the end) or a very butch lesbian (Paige?).

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I totally almost killed your brother.

So let's place some bet, kiddos. Who will it be? Will it be Wren Kingston? Will it be Ian Thomas? Lucas (Man, that'd be so awesome)? Will it be Jason DiLaurentis? Garrett Reynolds? Jenna Marshall? Toby? Mona? One of The Liars themselves? If I had to venture a guess, I HAVE NO CLUE what's gonna happen next episode and who's gonna be revealed to be "Big A"! All I know is it better make sense! Unlike Shana (ugh...). I honestly can't wait! Also if "Big A" is gonna be revealed does that mean Seasons 6 & 7 will be a look behind the curtain? After all, what does "A" want with The Liars? Does "A" just want to see them behind bars? I guess we'll find out when we get invited to the Dollhouse in the Season finale! So excited! Catch you guys there!

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  1. I totally agree that Uber A is a probably guy... and the episode totally implies that Andrew is in the A team and is the one behind Mike's kidnapping, being out for the night and a scout for 12 years. For the first time, it didn't feel like just another misleading from the writers though,
    Another thing, if Uber A is indeed a male, is the Black Widow / birnt Red Coat character actually goood? Ashley Marin? Jenna? Paige? CeCe?