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Pretty Little Liars S05E23 "The Melody Lingers On" Review

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Sorry for being tardy again, ladies & gentlemen, it's just I had some rather important business to get to yesterday and today that ate up most of my time. Nonetheless, I'm here now so let's gets started. Last week, Hanna's thuggery finally caught up to her and now she's rockin' an orange jumpsuit like Alison. There was some mess about Alison being offered a plea bargain if she named Hanna as her accomplice, Alison didn't take the bait but Hanna's locked up anyway. So let's get to the action.

I can't say for sure where exactly this season is going to go in it's final episode. I've never been able to say for sure anyway but this time I'm at a real loss. The reason I say that is because maybe there are too many players on the board or not enough. I'm not sure anymore. If I can retread some ground for a second, Noel Kahn was in on Alison's secret (ie, helping her and such) because she had some goods on him, what kinda goods, you ask, doesn't matter. Lucas was aiding Mona for the same reason, yet we discovered it's because Lucas owed some bad people some money. At moment, Lucas has been M.I.A (and you'd think he'd pop up, what with Hanna being on trial and all).

My point with all of this is, there is quite a bit of blackmail going on and this Varjak guy could very easily be just another blackmailed pawn of "A's". I don't think that's the case, but you can't deny that "A's" is some resourceful mofo that can get people to do their the hell else do you explain that Legion of As in the Season Premier?! Clearly, "A" has the money, time and energy to dedicate (what is more than likely) 24 hours and 7 days a week to harassing these girls. Everyone who's appeared in the series thus far doesn't appear to have the skill set, time or even the motive to be "A". If we're to believe "A" is a character we're familiar with, I'm gonna have to go back and rewatch EVERY single episode with a fine tooth comb before I can even venture a guess. As I've said before, EVERYONE has been vetted, EVERYONE has been looked at and NO ONE has a valid motive. But I digress.

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Explain this sh*t.

So this episode beings Alison's trial and thus far prospects aren't looking good, no surprises there considering Alison is quite possibly the biggest liar I've ever seen. Anyways, I'm surprised "The People Vs. Alison DeLaurentis" hasn't been an episode title yet. That being said, it'll be interesting to see how events unfold, personally, I think she should be on trial for faking her death and defrauding the government but what do I know, I'm no legal genius. I have an interesting idea of Mona bursting into the court room and everyone being agast that she's alive, thus exonerating Alison & Hanna, am I too hopeful for such a resolution? Janel Parrish confirmed she'd be returning as a regular for Season 6, we'll see.

Things got weird when Jason took the witness stand and after changing his testimony of his believing Alison to be Mona's killer (which raises the question, of whether or not that video was staged) The Lawyer then took a strange turn insinuating that Ashley "a.k.a O.G." Marin may have paid Jason off in order to cover for Hanna. Will this is nuts considering anyone looking into The Marin's finances will see they're pretty much broke, I mean Hanna almost got into a beauty pageant to get college money. If this show had some balls it could've gone for the whole sex with law enforcement thing. Ashley Marin does have a track record *coughs* Det. Wilden *coughs*, which I'm sure has come under police attention. However, Ashley Marin isn't on least not yet.

That being said, now the cat's outta the bag about the whole Jason & Ashley thing...can't say I'm thrilled about that considering this show has too many relationships ending as it is. Speaking of relationships, Andrew may or may not be a person of interest (personally, I believe he was just stalking Aria because he got used to the whole spy business, who knows?) either way it looks like he maybe Aria's new boyfriend, which is fine by me. I just wish her and Ezra would've broken up over something more logical...I don't know. If Andrew is what we get Andrew is what we get, I just hope he pans out to be something interesting.

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If he spies, he spies.

Since I brought up Aria, she seems to be fluxuating be smart and dumb as four rocks. One episode she'll say something really on point and the next she'll say something completely stupid, this episode was an incredible leap of intelligence for her, and one I'm surprised The Liars (especially Spencer) hadn't considered before. Upon arriving in Mona's room and finding "A" had already been there, Aria realized that just because "A" says it doesn't make it so. Meaning "A" could've been lying about finding something in Mona's room. Shock of all shocks, the minute The Liars consider this notion, they turn out to be right, after Emily's suggestion of "think like Mona.". They discover a note behind a mirror, what does this note mean? Guess we'll find out next episode.

But I'd like to stay on the logic of "just because "A" says it doesn't make it so" line of thinking, because this I think is the crux of the show. You see we've realized that "A" has always been one step ahead of The Liars, but what if that's not the case at all? What if "A", like The Liars has been piecing this together themselves and only preempting The Liars so The Liars would believe that "A" is somehow omniscient when really "A" is a Liar who's keeping pace with them and sabotaging them after. "A" is essentially lying to The Liars about having all this blackmail information so that they can obtain blackmail information. It's just like when someone say "Hey, thanks for throwing me a surprise birthday party.", "How'd you know?!", "I didn't, but I do now!". Yeah, that's "A". I think this has been the case, "A" knows about as much as The Liars do, but with every time The Liars open their mouths "A" gets closer and closer to figuring things out.

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We'll surround her in the yard, you hold her down and I'll shank her. You got it?

At least that's how see things. I mean granted "A" obviously knows more than The Liars because "A" is "A", but consider this, "A" probably wasn't aware Alison was alive until The Liars knew. This insight that Aria had suddenly changes the game completely, because if they stop and consider for a moment that maybe "A" is lying, they might be able to stop "A". Interesting idea if you think about it, and I am. But I doubt The Liars are thinking about it. Clearly, The Liars weren't thinking when they attempted to call Varjak from their phone, considering all that "A" has done, it wouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility of someone working with "A" to have their phone numbers. The immediate thing they should have done is called Varjak from a burner.

As it stands, Hanna & Alison both told two people they care about (Caleb & Jason) to RUN! Which means they're both scared, Alison more than Hanna, after all, Hanna's in her element and she's gonna shank whoever tries to mess with her. Can you tell I really like Hanna? Caleb ain't goin' nowhere and I doubt Jason is too. I'd bring up "Meth lab" Johnny's Whisper Machine being used but having such an interesting device be used in such an easter egg fashion is really kind of a throw away and it didn't really add anything to the episode. With just 2 episodes left, how will this play out? What did Spencer figure out and what will it mean in the long run of things? And will they continue to question "A's" honesty? I hope so, but I doubt it. Anyways, I'll catch you guys later!

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